Protests shake Iran – news report

“We will fight the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will organize people for the revolution! Death to the Islamic Republic – Fight for a new socialist republic in Iran!” – Excerpt from statement by the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) on the Underclass Uprising in Iran

Trump on the revolt in Iran: Imperialist hypocrisy and sinister “support”

5 January 2018. A World to Win News Service. The Iranian regime has been shaken by a week of intense and often violent protests in as many as 80 cities and towns all across the country. Unlike the last political upheaval in 2009, when many urban, middle class demonstrators sided with so-called reformist factions within the regime, this time the people taking to the streets, overwhelmingly young men, were mainly from poor and lower-middle class neighbourhoods, often on the outskirts of urban areas where many have arrived from the countryside over the last decade. The regime has considered such people a key part of its social base, or at least counted on them to keep silent. Yet what has most marked this movement is the way it has targeted the whole regime and the Islamic Republic itself, including all of its factions.

“The Trump/Pence Regime is a fascist regime. Not insult or exaggeration, this is what it is. For the future of humanity and the planet, we, the people, must drive this regime out.”

11 December 2017. A World to Win News Service. The following is the text of the opening talk given at Refuse Fascism mass meetings around the country. It is being reprinted and distributed by the AWTW News Service because of its importance for summing up the critical situation in the US in the battle to drive out the Trump/Pence fascist regime, and because of the lessons it offers for struggles in many other places facing similar challenges.

What changed with Trump’s Jerusalem announcement?

#metoo – a global response to sexual harassment

11 December 2017. A World to Win News Service. U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has been seen by too many people as “ego driven” or otherwise irrational, an attempt to distract from his roiling political and legal challenges. This is a misreading of an extremely dangerous situation. There is ample evidence that the Trump regime had planned this move long before his current political troubles. In fact, it was another of his campaign promises that too few liberals took seriously.

4 November participants speak

National Week of Resistance in Mexico: “Stop the War Against the People!”

A World to Win News Service for 5 December 2017 contains two articles – one on the Trump-Pence regime, including a short excerpt from a speech by Bob Avakian and some glimpses of the struggle to drive out that regime, including a separate PDF file of images from the 4 November protests; and another article from Mexico.

Angela Merkel’s humiliation and the call for a “Moslem holocaust” in Poland

29 November 2017. A World to Win News Service. Surprise and shock rattled all of Europe when the AfD (Alternative for Germany) more than doubled its previous score in the September federal elections and entered the German parliament. Unfortunately, many people saw this turn of events as an anomaly in a self-correcting system. How could fascists have deep and durable appeal in a country they already brought to disaster in World War 2? The four parties that have governed Germany in various combinations since the War had held out hope that by making concessions to AfD’s anti-immigration demands, they could undercut AfD’s appeal, shore up the political centre and prevent further polarisation.

You Don’t Know What You Think You “Know” About… The Communist Revolution and the Real Path to Emancipation: Its History and Our Future

24 October 2017. A World to Win News Service. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution we are reprinting the following from a larger piece entitled You Don’t Know What You Think You “Know” About… The Communist Revolution and the Real Path to Emancipation: Its History and Our Future.

United States: An Invitation To Be a Part of a Bold Plan to End the Nightmare on November 4

As Neo-Nazis enter the German parliament and the government shifts rightward:
“Away with all illusions about this system and its elections! We need a movement for revolution!”

23 October 2017. A World to Win News Service. November 4 begins demonstrations across the US calling for THIS NIGHTMARE MUST END: THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! initiated by We want to promote any events that our readers can initiate in support of this bold step wherever you are. The following is excerpted from

From the frontlines of the battle of Hamburg against the G20

Fight the G20 Summit of Exploiters, Mass Murderers and War-mongers!
Help Drive Out the Fascist Trump/Pence Regime!
Humanity Needs Revolution and the New Communism!

2 October 2017. A World to Win News Service. What follows is a report from supporters of the new communism gathered in the Revolutionary Communist Manifesto Group in Europe (RCMG) who were involved in the massive protests held against the G20 summit in Hamburg on 7-8 July. This gathering of the heads of the world’s most powerful imperialist states, a time of unprecedented crisis around globally, represented a blatant affront and a serious challenge to the world’s people that had to be met head-on. It was a major political event at a crucial juncture in Europe and around the world.

What’s behind the slaughter of the Rohingya

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17 September 2017. A World to Win News Service. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people  – in numbers approaching half of the estimated million of this ethnic group living in Myanmar – have been driven from their homes and country by armed Buddhist militias and the army and police. These murderers have descended upon hundreds of villages, shooting into homes and burning whole villages. The army has laid anti-personnel land mines at crossing points on the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh to kill or maim those fleeing and prevent anyone from coming back.

– Charlottesville, US: White supremacist offensive meets furious opposition
– Colombia: Pence out! The Trump/Pence regime must be stopped!
– Behind the madness of Trump’s threats of “fire and fury”against North Korea

16 August, 2017. A World to Win News Service. Hundreds of white supremacist, Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi fascist scum descended on Charlottesville, Virginia on 11-12 August, to hold a “Unite the Right” rally. They came to defend the statue of Robert E. Lee, who commanded the Confederate army that fought to keep slavery alive during the US Civil War, from being removed from a public park. They came to glorify the decades of open subjugation of Black people in this country under slavery and then vicious “Jim Crow” segregation – and to promote the continuation and intensification of this oppression today. And they came to brazenly celebrate the history of Hitler-ite fascism – and step up their fight to help consolidate the American fascist regime in the White House today.

– Remembering Amir Hassanpour, revolutionary communist fighter, intellectual and internationalist from Iran
– CPI(MLM) on the death of Amir Hassanpour: “A Statement on the Passion of a Rebel”

1 August 2017. A World to Win News Service. On 24 June 2017 Amir Hassanpour, renowned revolutionary intellectual and revolutionary communist with long connections to the struggle in Kurdistan, Iran and elsewhere, passed away in Toronto, Canada.

On 22 July, 250 people of many nationalities gathered at the University of Toronto to honour and learn from Amir’s life. Memorials are planned in other cities as well.

– Burned to death for the crime of being poor or minority in capitalist Britain

19 June 2017. A World to Win News Service. Their names read like a roll call from some United Nations register – Mohammed, Khadija, Sheila, Felix, Marco, Antonio…. They were of all ages and came from dozens of countries and spoke as many languages. But at least 79 of them, and perhaps more – outcasts, poor, refugees from other countries or in their own land – all suffered the same fate, burned alive or plunging to their death in an inferno with a single source: a murderous capitalist system based on profit and not human needs.

– The British elections leave an unsteady ship lurching rightwards in turbulent waters

16 June 2017. A World to Win News Service. By Robert Borba. The national elections held in the United Kingdom on 8 June came at a critical time in the world and the country, with little consensus among the ruling class about how to handle the increasingly acute contradictions that are shaking up the existing world order – from Brexit, with Britain to leave the European Union, to the establishment of the fascist Trump regime in the US, the sweeping away of the traditional governing parties in France in the recent Presidential elections there, and more.

– Brussels: “Trump not welcome!”
– G7 to refugees: please drown out of sight

30 May 2017. A World to Win News Service. Donald Trump’s arrival in Brussels was met by a spirited protest of about 10,000 people from cities in Belgium, neighbouring France and Germany, and other countries. A broad spectrum of political organizations, NGOs, student groups and individuals marched through the city centre behind a large banner reading “Trump Not Welcome”.

– France: Why Macron’s victory over Le Pen deserves no cheers

15 May 2017. A World to Win News Service. Emmanuel Macron, who beat the fascist Marine Le Pen in the final round of the French elections, was the consensus candidate around whom most of the French capitalist ruling class and its political representatives rallied. But that doesn’t change the fact that the man who won by a two-to-one margin represents a deeply unpopular programme opposed even by most of those who voted for him because he was the “least worst” candidate.

– France: Will the Republic stand – and what is the Republic?
– In memory of AjithSurendra Valentine Rupasinghe (Comrade Surendra)

27 April 2017. A World to Win News Service. Whether the fascist Marine Le Pen wins or loses in the second round of the French presidential elections on 7 May, the first round produced a profound upheaval in the country’s political landscape.

27 April 2017. A World to Win News Service.It is with great sadness that A World to Win News Service learned of the recent death of AjithRupasinghe, generally known as comrade Surendra, a revolutionary communist leader from Sri Lanka.

– US airstrikes on Syria: Hypocrisy and murder
– Spanish lifeguards: When saving lives becomes an illegal political act

7 April 2017. A World to Win News Service. US President Trump’s cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase can only ratchet up the horrors being inflicted on the Syrian people by multiple rival enemies. It is part of a stepped-up US-led intervention in Syria and Iraq that has already killed about 3,000 civilians, according to Further, it threatens wider wars in the region and the whole world.