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We Refuse to Accept This System’s Future!
A Better World, Without Exploitation
and Oppression Is Possible!

We, the revcoms, call on you to stand up. Join us—representing and calling on others on Monday, May 1st to send this message to the world: In these dark times, we are building a force to bring forward thousands and then millions into a movement for an actual revolution.

Leak of Top-Secret War Documents: the U.S. is Deeply Involved in Directing Proxy War Against Its Imperialist Rival; Spying on Friend and Foe Alike

Over the past week the largest leak of U.S. military documents in a decade began appearing online. The documents, with “Secret” or “Top Secret” classifications, had apparently been on Discord for several weeks before they were picked up on other social media platforms. They then came to the attention of governments and news outlets throughout the world. (Discord is a social media platform popular among many gamers.)

Dangerous, Misogynist Escalation in Iran:

Ruling Theocrats Double Down on Enforcing Mandatory Hijab Amid Continued Protests

In the surveillance camera clip, a mother and daughter enter a small store in a city close to Mashhad, considered a “holy city” in Iran. The younger woman is not wearing a head scarf (hijab) and the older woman’s scarf is not fully covering her hair. A male customer begins yelling at them, then grabs a large bucket of yogurt and dumps it all over their heads.

From the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners Now! (IEC)

Global Grassroots Groundswell Urgently Needed: Free Rebel Rapper Toomaj Salehi!

Last week, a digital billboard calling to free 33-year-old rapper Toomaj Salehi appeared along a road about 20 miles outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Toomaj is an Iranian artist and activist, widely known by his first name and deeply loved for his brilliant lyrics and his death-defying spirit of resistance to oppression.

Kamala Harris in Africa — Using Blackness to Front for Empire and Prepare for War

For over a year, the U.S. has been waging a full-court press—diplomatic, economic, political and military—to regain lost influence on the African continent. In the latest installment, Vice President Kamala Harris recently visited three major African nations—Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania. A New York Times podcast described it as a U.S. “charm offensive.”

Finland, Belarus, Taiwan

Three More Ways the World Just Got More Dangerous

The war that erupted when Russia illegally and unjustly invaded Ukraine in February 2022 almost immediately became a proxy war between rival imperialist powers, when the U.S. and the Western military alliance NATO stepped up the vast amounts of military support, weaponry, and training they had already been providing Ukraine.

On the Indictment of Donald Trump

On Tuesday, April 4, Donald Trump appeared in a New York courtroom to hear 34 felony criminal charges against him brought by the Manhattan District Attorney. Trump entered pleas of not guilty to the charges.

This is the first-ever indictment of a U.S. president, whether in or out of office. As such, this is an extremely sharp example of the fact that those who rule this country are at each other’s throats. They can no longer rule and hold things together in the way they have since the Civil War. The old ways—the old “norms”—are coming apart. We will be covering this trial as it unfolds—but there are a few important things to point to now, and there is an overall question of how to approach such a serious juncture.

“Outsourcing” Death: 39 Migrants Killed in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Detention Center

The Full Story of a Slaughter, and How and Why It Happened

Enrique Coy Pop … Eyner Anibal García Dieguez … Higinio Alberto Ramírez Torres … Jesús Adony Alvarado Madrid … Marvin Armides García Pacheco … Milton Alexis Melara Melgar … Julián David Villamil Arévalo …

These are the names of some of the 39 people, migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Honduras, who died—who were killed—in a fire on the night of March 27. At least 29 others are hospitalized, and remain in “delicate-serious” conditions.

Don Trump Jr., Tucker Carlson, and Other Prominent Republi-Nazis Jump on Nashville Shooting to Whip Up National Anti-Trans Lynch Mob

Last Monday around 10 am, a private Nashville Christian school was the scene of the heartbreaking killing of three young children and three adults.

Nuclear-Armed Imperialist Powers Face Off Worldwide—Three Ways the World Just Got More Dangerous

Rising tension in East Asia between the U.S. and China, and continuing war in Ukraine between the U.S./NATO (using Ukrainian people and troops as cannon fodder) and Russia, puts into sharp focus the fact that all life on this planet is in peril. Major imperialist powers—the globally dominant U.S., the increasingly assertive China, and heavily nuked Russia—are facing off around the world like big gangsters.

An Existential Crisis Erupts in Zionist, Apartheid Israel

A major crisis has engulfed the country of Israel. It erupted in response to moves by the government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu and dominated by Jewish fundamentalist and other Jewish fascists, to disempower the Israeli Supreme Court. The Zionist state of Israel has always been illegitimate, built on the blood, bones, land and homes of the Palestinian people, and an enforcer of western, especially U.S., imperialism. And now, fascists in power in Israel and their base in Israeli society are hell-bent on removing what they see as an intolerable obstacle to radically tearing up the norms that have cohered Israeli society since its inception.

Did Somebody Say “War Crime”?

USA Number One in the World in War Crimes and Hypocrisy

On Friday, March 17, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, charging him with war crimes for the abduction and deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children during the war that started with Russia’s invasion in February 2022. There does seem to be evidence that Russia has carried out such abductions—as well other war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Ukraine war, including targeting and killing tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians. Russia is denouncing and dismissing the indictments, which the ICC has no power to enforce.

20th “Anniversary” of Totally Unprovoked War by the U.S. Against Iraq

Twenty years ago, on March 19, 2003, the U.S., under the administration of George W. Bush, invaded Iraq. Over 300,000 were killed directly in the fighting; studies estimate the indirect deaths from the war (due to destruction of health care, food production, water and power system, etc.) to be over 600,000; and at least 4.5 million people were driven from their homes (see the American Crime series article on this at for more on the invasion). The U.S. military occupied Iraq for years. They raided people’s houses, beat them, humiliated them, raped them, and—yes—killed people on “routine patrols.”  They threw thousands into prisons where U.S. soldiers and the CIA carried out sadistic sexual tortures, and more. To this day, the Iraqi people suffer the “aftereffects” of this totally unprovoked war and brutal occupation.

On IWD, U.S. Rulers “Honor” Women and Girls of Iran—
By Giving Them an Award Named for a War Criminal!

On March 8, as the world celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD), First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken hosted a ceremony at the White House to mark International Women’s Day and bestow a special honor on the women and girls of Iran for their “exceptional courage, strength, and leadership in advocating for peace, justice, human rights, gender equity and equality, often at great personal risk and sacrifice.”

The award? The inaugural Madeleine K. Albright Honorary Group International Women of Courage Award for 2023. Say what??!!


The righteous cries of women rising up in spectacular eruptions of rebellion are ricocheting across the world. Against being endlessly degraded, abused and treated as lesser beings – because they were born female in a world of male domination – women everywhere are rising up and demanding to put an end to their oppression. Bob Avakian, architect of a radical new framework for human emancipation, sharply emphasizes that “If you want to talk about a group in society whose fundamental need to be able to breathe, and to live as human beings, cannot be met other than through the communist revolution, there’s no group for whom that’s more true than the masses of women.”

From Atash/Fire, #135, February 2023, Journal of the Communist Party of Iran Marxist-Leninist-Maoist:

A “Project” Named Reza Pahlavi!:
Manufacturing an Imperialist Alternative vs. Revolutionary Overthrow of the Islamic Republic!

The Islamic Republic must go! Thus, it is necessary to look for a replacement. However, it seems the people are yet dangerously unclear for whom, and for what reason this regime must be overthrown, and what political, economic and social system is needed to replace it. 

Reflections on Seeing the Iranian Film The Circle

From a member of the Revolution Club

A correspondence from a member of the Revolution Club who attended a showing of the Iranian film The Circle by the director Jafar Panahi at Revolution Books. Panahi is a very important film director in Iran. He has made movies despite being ordered by the Islamic Republic to stop, and he was jailed in July 2022 when he protested the imprisonment of two of his colleagues. (He was temporarily released on bail this month.) He made The Circle in 2000.

Iran’s Theocrats Double Down on Forced Hijab and Draconian Suppression of Women and the Uprising

Permalink: Over the course of the uprising since mid-September, various ruling figures of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) have issued statements that can be seen as “mixed signals” about the so-called “morality police,” enforcement of hijab laws, etc. For example, “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei gave a speech in early January, where he reportedly said that women without hijabs… Read more »