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UN Report Documents Israeli War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

In a detailed set of reports released on June 12, a United Nations commission has documented and called out Israel and its military for major war crimes and crimes against humanity. The main Report summarizes an investigation that began on October 7, 2023, the day of the Hamas attack against Israel. (Two additional reports—on Hamas and on Israel—go much more fully into the evidence supporting the summary Report’s conclusions.)

Two Israeli Massacres in Nuseirat in Three Days—100s Dead, 100s More Injured“We Stand with Israel” = We Stand for Genocide

By Alan Goodman

On the night of June 6, some six thousand Palestinian refugees—many of them children—were sleeping in classrooms of a UN school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza. Many had fled from Nuseirat to Rafah in May, driven by Israeli threats and bombs to what Israel claimed was a safe place. Then, as Israeli tanks, bombs, and threats drove a million people back out of Rafah, people sought shelter in the wreckage of the places they had been driven out of earlier, including Nuseirat.

Israeli Terror, Death, and Ethnic Cleansing Intensify in Gaza and the West Bank

At least 36,801 people have been killed and 83,680 wounded in Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza since October 7. An estimated 10,000 more dead lie beneath the rubble of Israeli bombs. During these past eight months, people in Gaza have been driven from their homes, seeking but not finding shelter. A million people were driven into Rafah, on the very southern edge of Gaza. Now Rafah is being bombed and overrun by Israeli tanks and troops. And people have been driven back north, to Gaza City, to Nuseirat in central Gaza, and other places. But there is no safety anywhere.