The War in the Middle East, the Real Threat of Global Catastrophe, and the URGENT Need to Prepare for REVOLUTION
Three Points

October 9, 2023


One: At its heart, the current war between Israel and Palestinian Gaza is ultimately “provoked” by Israel’s utterly unjust takeover of Palestine, the exile of most of its people, and Israel’s oppressive rule over the millions of Palestinian people who remained there. As the article “Behind the Israel Gaza Clash: ‘Indiscriminate Violence and Terrorism’—PERPETRATED BY ISRAEL AND ITS BACKER, U.S. CAPITALISM-IMPERIALISM” makes clear, when it comes to the “indiscriminate violence” that the U.S. today so loudly and hypocritically condemns, nobody holds a candle to either America or its loyal ally Israel. Hamas is a reactionary Islamist organization, pursuing reactionary ends with reactionary, brutal means; yet the fact remains that Israel, and behind it the U.S., have done and continue every day to do the far greater damage, including robbing the Palestinian people of their homeland and their fundamental rights, and confining millions of them in the open-air prison that is Gaza. The stand of people in this country must be to oppose the U.S. and its henchman Israel.

Two: This is NOT just a repeat of the Israeli wars against Gaza over the past few decades—it is potentially far more explosive. We don’t know where this will go but so far, this war is more two-sided than those in the past; even more importantly, this war takes place in a world situation of great upheaval. There is the proxy war over Ukraine between the nuclear powers of Russia and the U.S… and there is growing momentum toward war between the U.S. and China, which are both capitalist-imperialist countries. Additionally, countries like Israel, Iran and the U.S.—all “players” in this current conflict—are being rocked by deep and unprecedented internal crises and conflict. So it is entirely possible that this war will reverberate beyond Israel, with unpredictable consequences. The whole world situation is explosive. Again, we don’t know where this will go, but the war between Israel and Gaza could, whatever the intent of any of the powers involved, lurch out of control and set off that volatile mix, drawing other powers into the conflict and spiraling in unpredictable ways. 

And what would that larger, global war be fought for? Would it be to decide which set of exploiters will subject the world to its rule? Which repressive regime will emerge as dominant, over whatever remained of the planet and its people? These monsters are willing to risk the future of humanity to maintain their domination! And that is just one part of the multi-dimensional existential crisis humanity faces. 

Three. This is madness. And it is madness—and worse—on your part if you avert your eyes, shrug your shoulders, and say “there’s nothing I can do about it.” For one thing, we here in the belly of the beast have a responsibility to the people of the world to oppose what “our” imperialist rulers are doing.

Even more fundamentally, there IS something that CAN be done as things spiral so dangerously. In the midst of this carnage and the threat of far worse, the need for revolution cries out loudly. A total revolution—one aiming to overthrow the system of capitalism-imperialism and root out all relations of exploitation, all relations of one country or one people dominating other countries and other peoples, and in fact, all relations where one part of humanity dominates and oppresses another. And to make this revolution as part of a world revolution, to emancipate all humanity.

Such a revolution may seem to you like a distant prospect. But that’s because you’re looking only at the surface. Go beneath the surface, and you’ll see that the very severity of the crises humanity faces makes the real revolution we need more possible than it normally is. And just think of what a real revolution in the belly of the imperialist beast could mean for the people of the world! To find out why this revolution is more possible, how to take advantage of that for something positive, and what you need to know and do to realize all that, you need to go deeper. You need to get into this website. Most of all, right now, you need to get into the Interviews with Bob Avakian (BA), which contain the leadership we need to understand this madness and get free of it.

As BA says in those interviews: 

We can no longer afford to allow these imperialists to continue to dominate the world and determine the destiny of humanity. And it is a scientific fact that humanity does not have to live this way—a whole different way to organize society, a whole better world, is possible.