International May 1st, 2023

We Refuse to Accept This System’s Future!

A Better World, Without Exploitation and Oppression, Is Possible!

April 21, 2023


We, the revcoms, call on you to stand up. Join us—representing and calling on others on Monday, May 1st to send this message to the world: In these dark times, we are building a force to bring forward thousands and then millions into a movement for an actual revolution.

Revolution means overthrowing this economic and political system of capitalism-imperialism. Why overthrow? Because it cannot be reformed.

Look around you. From the sweatshops of Bangladesh to the mines of Congo… from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico to Memphis, Tennessee… this system bitterly grinds people up and destroys the environment—all to amass its great wealth. This system oppresses Black and Brown and other people of color through discrimination, segregation, police murder, and more. This system holds down women and now denies them even the right to control their own bodies. This system demonizes and discriminates against LGBTQ people. It cruelly persecutes refugees and immigrants. And right now, the capitalist-imperialists who run the U.S. are taking things to the brink of nuclear war—not “for the Ukrainians,” but to defend and expand their domination of the world against other imperialists.

No election, no reform can stop this. Only revolution—nothing less—can put an end to the system that requires these horrors. We need a whole new system, and a new society. The vision and blueprint for that society is laid out in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, authored by the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian, BA, the most important political thinker and leader on the planet today. With that Constitution as the foundation, there would be a real hope to end oppression, exploitation, and the destruction of the environment.

The chance to make this revolution is real—it is not something in the distant future. Those who have ruled over this system are at each other’s throats in a way they haven’t been since the Civil War. One side aims to go full-out to fascism. The other side has no answers other than to keep the same old “normal” oppressive shit going. The clashes between them cause people to agonize and to wonder if things could be different—and this movement for revolution must reach all through society to show why this is happening and what must be done. Only in this way can anything good come out of this clash.

Come out May 1st. On that day, people need to see the reality of a force—one whose vision, determination, daring and confidence will reverberate far and wide. A force that aims not just to change a few things here or there, but one that aims to establish a whole different system aiming to emancipate all of humanity, worldwide. A force that can begin now to be a magnetic pole for those hungering for something truly better. A force that can grow in the year ahead into the thousands and then ultimately the millions.

Get with the revcoms on May 1st. Learn about the Revolution Club and how you can be organized to be part of changing the world and emancipating humanity.