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From Atash/Fire, #135, February 2023, Journal of the Communist Party of Iran Marxist-Leninist-Maoist:

A “Project” Named Reza Pahlavi!:
Manufacturing an Imperialist Alternative vs. Revolutionary Overthrow of the Islamic Republic!

The Islamic Republic must go! Thus, it is necessary to look for a replacement. However, it seems the people are yet dangerously unclear for whom, and for what reason this regime must be overthrown, and what political, economic and social system is needed to replace it. 

Reflections on Seeing the Iranian Film The Circle

From a member of the Revolution Club

A correspondence from a member of the Revolution Club who attended a showing of the Iranian film The Circle by the director Jafar Panahi at Revolution Books. Panahi is a very important film director in Iran. He has made movies despite being ordered by the Islamic Republic to stop, and he was jailed in July 2022 when he protested the imprisonment of two of his colleagues. (He was temporarily released on bail this month.) He made The Circle in 2000.