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YOU Have a Role to Play in Building This Revolution

Andy Zee to Sunsara Taylor, hosts of the RNL Show: You and I just had the most incredible and unique experience. We had the opportunity to sit down and interview Bob Avakian over several hours. We invited a small audience. This was a special and incredibly important experience that we’re going to bring to The RNL Show. Bob Avakian (BA) is a leader for this time when the future hangs in the balance and it’s going to really matter for people to experience our up close and really personal conversation with BA.

What comes through in these conversations is Bob Avakian, his heart and soul, his visceral feeling for the masses of people of the world, and the way he gets their potential. All of this contributes to his being really hard-core for a real, for an actual revolution. In these interviews, we get into his life, his stories, and the scientific method and approach to understanding the world, to making revolution, to what kind of new society we are aiming to bring into being.

So, the big announcement is that these rare up close interviews will be aired over three shows beginning on November 3, continuing on November 10, and then concluding on November 17.