Episode 114 – The RNL – Revolution, Nothing Less! – Show

Methods, Principles & Standards to Know & Change the World—
NOT the Cesspool of This System

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The RNL – Revolution, Nothing Less! – Show Highlights

  • In light of the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar A Lago Estate, Andy Zee speaks to the deepening divisions in society… & on the decisiveness of a scientific method to understanding & changing the world
  • Bob Avakian on the oppression of women & oppressive gender relations (2018)
  • Lenny Wolff on methods, principles & standards… on the need to engage with & defend the leadership of Bob Avakian… all as part of making revolution & getting beyond this horrific world
  • 2018 Q&A with Bob Avakian: “You’ve dedicated your life to revolution. Have you ever been discouraged? How do you stay motivated?”
  • Statement of support for Bob Avakian from D. Ocean, Health Care Practitioner (read by Atlas of the RNL team)
  • Gloria Pinex—fighter for justice and mother of Darius Pinex, killed by Chicago police—reads her statement in support of Bob Avakian
  • Sunsara Taylor interviews longtime pro-abortion feminist Carol Downer about her statement in defense of Bob Avakian, the Revcoms & RiseUp4AbortionRights.org
  • Sunsara Taylor on what to learn—and what NOT to learn—from the Kansas referendum on abortion: Four Points of Orientation
  • Twisted Sister—We’re Not Gonna Take It (RiseUp4AbortionRights Re-Mix)