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From the Revolution Club…
The Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Roe v. Wade IS ILLEGITIMATE!
We Need Resistance and Revolution!

Riseup4AbortionRights supporters cross the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

The highest court in the most powerful—and vicious—country in the world has ruled that the states can force women to bear children against their will.

Even if you were told to expect and accept this outcome, nothing prepares you for the sting when it dropped. Shock, cynicism, anger, sadness, outrage, fury… And if you did not know this was coming, the shock is all the greater.

Again: The highest court in the land has essentially stripped women of legal status as full human beings. These religious dictators have made a leap in their enforcement of a lunatic vision of a Christian-fascist America. Forced motherhood is female enslavement!

Organizing for an Actual Revolution:
7 Key Points

Everyone who can’t stand this world, the way it is, needs to be challenged to be part of the revolution that is the way out of this madness. And people need to know there is an actual strategy for making this revolution, based on the key points of the “foundation” and “roadmap” for this revolution in the work by the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian: “Something Terrible, Or Something Truly Emancipating.” The following is the basic means for carrying out this strategy, so that the currently small forces for the revolution that is urgently needed can grow in numbers and strength, quickly in a concentrated way, and become the powerful force that is needed to lead this revolution. Spreading and popularizing these Key Points is also an important part of carrying out this strategy.