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Episode 83 of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

AVAILABLE NOW: A Major New Work by Bob Avakian for This Rare Time When Revolution Is Possible

In this episode, Andy Zee and Lenny Wolff, both followers of Bob Avakian, do an in-depth first round of this key work from Bob Avakian, coming in this critical moment and unprecedented time in history, one which, as Bob Avakian has analyzed, is a “rare time when revolution becomes possible.” An excerpt from Bob Avakian’s 2012 speech goes into why scientific leadership is crucial in the struggle to emancipate ALL of humanity. And later Sunsara Taylor interviews writer Dahlia Lithwick on what’s at stake with the current Supreme Court cases that could gut abortion rights and usher in a society far worse than what existed before Roe v. Wade.