Episode 79 of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

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The Trial of Fascist Kyle Rittenhouse, the Fight for the Future, & the Leadership to END OPPRESSION!

As trials of the fascist thug Kyle Rittenhouse and of the three white killers of Ahmaud Arbery unfold and Steve Bannon is dragged into court, Andy Zee brings alive the tremendous urgency of advancing the fight for a real revolution and the importance of Bob Avakian’s leadership. We hear from Bob Avakian as he challenges the youth at the bottom of society who are caught up in fighting and killing each other to lift their sights and get into the real revolution. Sunsara Taylor takes a deep look at the larger context and stakes of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. And, in preparation for the genocidal holiday of Thanksgiving, we look at the extermination of most of the Wampanoag tribe and bring you American Crime Case #44: The Trail of Tears, 1838-39.