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U.S. Pullout from Afghanistan

Three Lessons and Two Basic Points of Orientation

In 2001, fanatical Islamic fundamentalists hijacked several airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center, a massive office building in New York. The center was destroyed and nearly 3,000 people were killed. They also attacked the Pentagon, headquarters of the U.S. Defense Department. In response, the U.S., under Republican President George W. Bush, declared war against the government of Afghanistan, which had allowed the group that had done this—al Qaeda—to stay in their country. The Afghanistan government was headed by a fanatic and repressive Islamic fundamentalist group, the Taliban.

Oppressive, Parasitic Workings of Capitalism-Imperialism Continue Needless COVID-19 Horrors

Part 1

A number of articles posted previously at have exposed how the workings of capitalism-imperialism have led to needless horrors under the COVID-19 pandemic. ALL OF THIS has not only continued but gotten even more horrific. Part 1 of this article will examine how the pandemic has exacerbated poverty and hunger, especially in poor Third World countries; and will look at the ways already existing inequalities have been deepened with COVID-19.

Dual Nationals Nahid Taghavi, Mehran Raouf Sentenced to nearly 11 years in Iranian Prison

Political prisoners Nahid Taghavi and Mehran Raouf have been sentenced to 10 years and 8 months each: ten years for “membership in an illegal group” and 8 months for “propaganda against the regime.”

Their sentences were handed down August 3 in a Tehran court behind closed doors, with no court hearing nor any measure of due process resembling a trial. It is unclear if the defendants were even present.

Sentences of six years and eight months were also issued for Somayeh Kragar and Bahareh Soleimani, and three years and four months was imposed on Nazanin Mohammadnejad.

The Flames of Khuzestan’s Anger and the Spreading Shouts of “Death to the Islamic Republic” (of Iran)

Since July 15, the sustained rebellion by the people of Khuzestan, Iran has continued and is still spreading to small towns and large cities all over Iran. The uprising was precipitated by a lack of water and electricity rooted in the discrimination and oppression of Khuzestan’s minority Arab population. As of July 28, the daily and often militant mass marches and protests have spread to more than 40 cities. It has also drawn the support of very broad sections of Iranian society.

The “Industrialization” of Sexual Exploitation, Imperialist Globalization, and the Descent Into Hell

by Raymond Lotta

This research paper was spurred by analysis by Bob Avakian of major global socio-economic changes and social struggles over the last 50 years influencing shifts in class structure and political-ideological developments, especially the rise of fascism. My particular point of departure is from a section of that broader analysis: