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Biden’s Climate Summit Chicanery:
Poisoning the Planet and Deceiving the People

by Raymond Lotta

The global Earth Day summit convened by Biden was a cruel imperialist deception, a slap in the face for anyone who cares about the fate of the planet. A summit that showcased pledges and proposals that fly in the face of what science tells us about the urgency of the environmental crisis and the scale of action needed. Greta Thunberg, the global climate activist, righteously called out the summit for what it was: “bullshit.”

Iranian Political Prisoners Face Trials April 28 – Arbitrarily Detained, Denied Legal Rights

Emergency Appeal Demands Their Immediate, Unconditional Release, Freedom for All Political Prisoners

Appeal and Statement Endorsed by 1997 Nobel Laureate Jody Williams, Gloria Steinem, Former Prisoners & Relatives, over 1,500 other signers