Trump and the Whole Fascist Cabal Must Go Now!

Roundtable Discussion featuring: Rosie O’Donnell, Jason Stanley, and Andy Zee.
Hosted by Sunsara Taylor

The following online event is co-sponsored by Revolution Books New York and Revolution Books Berkeley.

Sunday, January 17, 7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific
Andy Worthington speaking on “America’s Torture Colony: Guantánamo Must Be Closed.” A virtual program streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

Andy Worthington, British journalist and co-founder of Close Guantánamo, will speak from the United Kingdom in a livestream event about the horrors of the Guantánamo detention camp and the courage and humanity of prisoners who have died, those who have been released, and those who have resisted for years.

Worthington will be joined by Shelby Sullivan-Bennis, lawyer for several Guantánamo prisoners and victims of U.S. drone strikes outside war zones.