A Critical Message in Crucial Times from the Revcoms

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January 5, 2021 | revcom.us

To the readers of this site and to all friends and comrades of the revcoms:

We are in unprecedented times, uncharted territory; Trump has not only continued but doubled down on his effort toward a coup—toward illegally overturning the election and installing a fascist regime. Go here and here to get a sense of what has been done in just this last week and the stakes for humanity in this juncture; go here, here, and here for a deeper analysis of the roots and dynamics of this very American fascism; and here to find out how people are acting to stop this.

On this site, and on the YouTube channel of the RNL—Revolution Nothing Less—Show, you will get the deepest, most scientific analysis available. For the next several days, we will post daily; come here every day to read it, then spread it. Check the RNL YouTube channel as well for timely posts.

Like many of you, we too are agonizing over the danger and damage of what is unfolding and how to mount a response commensurate to this challenge. The top Democrats pooh-pooh and “what-me-worry” this—“they can do what they want, but Biden will be president on January 21,” said Chuck Schumer, blowing off what many others have correctly called an unprecedented threat to the rule of law and the Constitution.  

All too many other people—the “decent people” who should be fighting this—are keeping their heads down and hoping the storm will pass over.  

In fact, we face extraordinary danger. “Waiting it out and hoping for the best” has throughout history proved disastrous at similar crossroads and will almost certainly do so now as well, if not today then tomorrow or the day after. So we will, in addition to making timely analysis in these next critical days, pose questions to and dialogue with you, our readers, on what is to be done to meet this challenge.

Stay tuned; and stay ready.

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