Monthly Archives: January 2021

In the Name of Humanity,
We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America

Last Wednesday, the world witnessed with shock: MAGA mobs storming the U.S. Capitol, climbing the walls, smashing windows, rampaging through the halls and looting Congressional offices—called forth and unleashed by Donald Trump, who could be called the wannabe second president of the Confederacy. Even AFTER this violent siege, 8 GOP senators and 139 representatives (that’s 2/3 of the Republifascists in the House of Representatives) still voted to overturn the election. A new poll yesterday showed that 77% of Republicans still support Trump.

What Happened, Why…and What Must Be Done

Two huge things happened yesterday. First, Donald Trump fomented a coup attempt. He summoned a mob to come to DC to protest on the day that Biden was officially to be certified by Congress as the next president. He stirred up that mob for over an hour, telling them to march to the Capitol to “show strength.” Then he sent the mob to Congress, and refused to even make a show of calling them off for hours. Waving their Confederate, American and Trump flags like battle-axes, some of them armed, they scaled the walls and broke the windows and rampaged almost untouched through the halls, terrorizing legislators and vandalizing offices. Their sole demand: that Donald Trump, who lost the election by a decisive margin, must nevertheless be illegally put into power for four more years.


Tens of thousands of fascists, many of them armed, succeeded in stopping the final step of the official reporting and certification of Joe Biden’s clear-cut victory in the presidential election. They overcame police, took over the halls of Congress, vandalized offices, and forcibly drove the members of Congress out to take shelter.

Dire Situation for Iran’s Political Prisoners and the Urgent Need for Worldwide Protest

As Iran’s Islamic regime was preparing to ramp up a new wave of vicious repression, Amnesty International (AI) issued a detailed report, “Trampling Humanity: Mass Arrests, Disappearances and Torture Since Iran’s 2019 November Protests.” A press release about the report opened with these bullet points about the situation: