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As the U.S. Ratchets Up War Moves Against Iran …
and as Iran Steps Up Its Repression Against Its People …
What Are the Stakes for Humanity?

In the past few weeks the U.S., in league with its ally and henchman Israel, has been threatening and attacking Iran. Most recently, one of Iran’s top nuclear technology scientists was assassinated. Iran accused Israel, and Israel has not denied this. Earlier, U.S. media reported that Trump had asked his military commanders and strategic policy makers for a plan to bomb Iranian nuclear technology labs. The advisers reportedly persuaded him not to. Trump did not deny asking for such plans, and there is still talk that he may launch some sort of attack.

The Fascist “#OVERTURN” Campaign And The Fight To Establish New Fascist Norms
What Will The “Decent People” Do?

The last several weeks have witnessed an unprecedented campaign against the truth that Joe Biden won the election… and the truth overall. So let’s start out with the truth. Which is that Biden won, by over 7 million votes of the people and by 74 votes (306 against 232) in the Electoral College. Read more »

Free the political prisoners of the Islamic Republic of Iran!
For genuine emancipation from both the
Islamic fundamentalists and Western imperialism –
Revolution, Nothing Less!

The recent wave of arrests of political and social activists by the brutal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) comes at a critical time in the country and the world. The cruel sanctions imposed by the Western imperialists on Iran have not lessened even as the country is being hit especially hard by Covid-19. Trump recently issued veiled… Read more »

Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist Assassinated —
U.S. and Israel, Keep Your Bloody Hands Off Iran!

On November 27, Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated when the car he was traveling in was ambushed in northern Iran. Iranian government officials alleged that the killing of the scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was the work of Israel. The Israeli government has issued no statement on the assassination. The U.S., Israel’s main imperialist backer, also has not said anything officially about it. Trump, however, re-tweeted a comment by an Israeli journalist that Fakhrizadeh’s death “is a major psychological and professional blow for Iran.”

Let Us Unite and Fight Together Against Waves of Suppression in Iran

Issued by friends and supporters of resisters inside Iran, and re-posted from social media.

Pages upon pages of the life history of the Islamic Republic of Iran are marked by repeated waves of persecution, terror, imprisonment, torture, execution; by firing squads, gallows, and arrows… This history has another side as well: repeated waves of resistance, struggle after struggle: Our struggles.

We Demand Justice and Freedom for All Political Prisoners in Iran NOW

A call from and to people in the U.S. to join and develop the campaign for political prisoners in Iran right now.

Since October 2020, a new rash of widespread, illegal and illegitimate crackdowns against political and social activists was carried out in Iran by the brutal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Among those arrested are supporters of labor movements, teachers, students, and family members of known activists, Baha’i religious forces, long-time and recent liberal, radical and revolutionary dissidents against the reactionary IRI.

From a reader
Trump Regime Begins Process of Transferring Power

On Monday, November 23, more than two weeks after Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the election, the first signs of reckoning with this undeniable reality have come from the Trump/Pence regime, with the Trump-appointed head of the GSA (General Services Administration), Emily Murphy, sending a letter to President-elect Biden informing him that the necessary funds would be released to finance the transition.

November 24, 2020
Andy Zee Opening Remarks
Forum: What Just Happened? Trump, America, and the Danger of Fascism

If you’ve had a recurring nightmare repeatedly jolt you awake, it can be a problem, indeed dangerous, to not find out where that’s coming from, and work your way through it… For the sources of that terror lie deep and can reassert themselves.