Episode 33 of The RNL Show—Revolution, Nothing Less!

“We Won! Trump Lost. But It’s Not Over, Trump/Pence Must Go!”

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For further understanding of all this, see these important works by Bob Avakian, available at revcom.us: the three-part series Voting Will Not Be Enough—We Need To Take To The Streets, And Stay In The Streets Demanding Trump/Pence Out Now! (in particular Part 3, Trump’s Fascism—More Blatant and Dangerous Every Day: How a Determined Fight and Massive Mobilization Could Defeat This) and Statement by Bob Avakian, August 1, 2020, On the Immediate Critical Situation, The Urgent Need to Drive Out the Fascist Trump/Pence Regime, Voting in This Election, And the Fundamental Need for Revolution.

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