“Our Savior Has Come, Prepare for the Crusade
– Heil Mein Trumpf!”

Fascist revcom.us-Show Hits the White House

August 28, 2020 | revcom.us

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Day 4 of the Republic National Shitshow brought the whole fascist package together: a foreign enemy to fear and blame for “Our Glorious Nation’s” misery… an “enemy within” to hate and crush… an alternate universe of lies about a once-upon-a-time-but-soon-to-be-recovered “greatness” to believe in—and die for… and a heaven-sent messiah to lead his demented minions to violently enforce that universe.

To break it down further:

Trump, and his whole convention, conjured up an America that never existed. In the last few months, tens of millions have been challenged to come to grips with the profound and basic truth that the foundations of this country were poured with slavery and genocide, and that these foundations persist and disfigure every aspect of American society today. But Trump insisted on the bullshit lie of “brave (white) pioneers who worked hard.”  

Trump, and his whole convention, pointed to—and knowingly demonized—a “foreign enemy” (China) to explain every failure of his administration and of the whole capitalist system for the last 30 years. This, too, is a lie. The truth is that the normal workings of this capitalist-imperialist system that Trump loves so much have wreaked havoc in this country in the past few decades—and, not so by the way, most of all on Black and Brown people and other people of color, including many immigrants, as well as large sections of white people in the middle and working classes. But Trump wants his minions to blame China, which is just another imperialist country itself. He even accuses China of foisting the coronavirus on the world—that same virus that the antiscientific and ignorant Trump has allowed to rampage through the country. And—unspoken but well understood in a convention in which the Vice President gave his speech at Fort McHenry, in which wounded war veterans were slobbered over, and in which the insane military buildup Trump has overseen was hailed—it is China that you must prepare to fight.

Trump, and his whole convention, conjured up “an enemy within” to vanquish. An evil enemy that supposedly wants to invade your suburb, loot your store, burn your house, and tear down your crosses. This is another lie.

The truth is that those whom Trump portrays as the “enemy” are the millions who rose up to protest the hard truth that police murder and institutionalized racism are REAL. Trump’s “enemy” are the millions who insisted that America confront the truth about its society and a very large part of its ugly past. This “enemy” that Trump accuses of violence are those who stood up bravely against the ultra-violent police, national guard, army and the Trumpite armed mobs who came at them with tear gas, rubber bullets, guns, cars and the rest and who beat them and kidnapped them and put them in jail and threw heavy charges at them … and even killed them. This “enemy,” of course, also includes the millions more who sympathized with them. This enemy is YOU… is US… is the people of the whole planet who are thrilled to see this outpouring and in many countries took heart and did the same. These justice-loving people and the cause they fight for are who and what Trump is summoning his followers to crush. 

The fact that Trump not only paraded the racist couple who threatened peaceful and mainly Black protestors with semi-automatic weapons but then chose not to condemn the murders in Kenosha for which one of his “Second Amendment” followers stands accused … the fact that not only Trump but speaker after speaker celebrated the police and spoke not a word of the heinous attempted murder by pigs of Jacob Blake, Jr in Kenosha leading into the convention … this spoke volumes on HOW he intends to enforce his lie of an America where “the overwhelming majority” of police are heroes and (Black and other oppressed) people should be “grateful” and not raise their “grievances” (and yes, those quotes are from speakers at the convention).

But it is not just these people and principles he aims to destroy. The Trump/Pence regime aims to enchain women who demand to control their bodies and their lives … those gay and lesbian and transgender and all kinds of other people who wish to love whom they please … those people who choose not to bow down to Trump’s version of religion or who dare to profess no religion at all … those who would burn American flags to defy Trump’s patriotism, which he intends now to enforce with jail sentences … and all those who refuse to accept the whole upside-down universe of lies, lies and more lies that Trump insists is the truth every single day. 

Throughout the convention, one person after another was brought forward to attest to Trump’s “special greatness.” Trump sealed all this at the end of his speech with a Vegas-meets-Nuremberg (the site of Hitler’s rallies) pageant of fireworks and a long view of the White House lawn—a pageant that would have been ridiculous were it not so deadly serious. For this is the kind of shit that inspires the fools, racists, misogynists and haters who make up his fascist base. And that is who he is mobilizing and unleashing to violently impose his will, now and to an even greater extent should he lose the election—and Trump, remember, opened the convention by saying the “only way he could lose is if it’s rigged.”

Now the challenge is on us. Will we confront the reality of what the last four years and now the last four days have meant … and will mean? Will we get up and put on our marching shoes and join the hundreds, including Refuse Fascism and the revcoms, as well as many others, who broke the spell and demonstrated outside the White House on the final night of the convention against Trump, and made so much noise outside his pageant that reality intruded? Will you be there on, and will you build for, September 5, and the weeks that must follow it … and all the way through, however long it takes and wherever it leads?

We close with this point from Bob Avakian:

With the full awareness of what is represented by this fascist regime, and what it means that Trump is not only seeking to suppress the votes of people who will vote against him but is also preparing to utilize forceful, violent repression to remain in office if he is not declared the winner in the election, it is of critical and urgent importance to build now truly massive and sustained mobilization around the unifying demand that this regime must be OUT NOW!—with an orientation of being prepared to continue this even past the election, if the situation requires it. (from ON THE IMMEDIATE CRITICAL SITUATION, THE URGENT NEED TO DRIVE OUT THE FASCIST TRUMP/PENCE REGIME, VOTING IN THIS ELECTION, AND THE FUNDAMENTAL NEED FOR REVOLUTION)

There is a semi-official narrative about the history and the “greatness” of America, which says that this greatness of America lies in the freedom and ingenuity of its people, and above all in a system that gives encouragement and reward to these qualities. Now, in opposition to this semi-official narrative about the greatness of America, the reality is that—to return to one fundamental aspect of all this—slavery has been an indispensable part of the foundation for the “freedom and prosperity” of the USA. The combination of freedom and prosperity is, as we know, still today, and in some ways today more than ever, proclaimed as the unique quality and the special destiny and mission of the United States and its role in the world. And this stands in stark contradiction to the fact that without slavery, none of this—not even the bourgeois-democratic freedoms, let alone the prosperity—would have been possible, not only in the southern United States but in the North as well, in the country as a whole and in its development and emergence as a world economic and military power.

—Bob Avakian, BAsics 1:8

The Call from RefuseFascism.org:

Saturday September 5

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If this regime is able to further consolidate its power and make further leaps in implementing its horrific objectives, this will result in a devastating setback for any attempt to resist injustice and oppression, and will very likely lead to the brutal repression, and even annihilation, of defenders of democratic rights and proponents of any meaningful progressive reforms, as well as any organized forces fighting for fundamental revolutionary change.


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