Monthly Archives: September 2020

Watch the video clip of Sunsara Taylor’s speech addressing
the initiating activists of OUT NOW on September 5

The speech gives an excellent introduction to the stakes involved, the political contours and the colors of this “solid and real beginning” of the 60-day mobilization and taking on “ the real challenges ahead”. (

The Absurd and Dangerous Fantasy That Donald Trump Is Not a War Monger

by Raymond Lotta

It is truly amazing how some progressives and self-described radicals pull the wool over their own eyes when it comes to Donald Trump’s foreign policy. They blithely buy into and peddle the dangerous myth that, for all his ravings and unpredictability, Trump is an “antiwar” isolationist who wants to shrink the U.S. global military footprint and is ill-disposed to getting bogged down in endless wars. Describe him as you will… but a war monger he is not, they say. Wrong, deadly wrong.

The Democratic Convention: What Did Happen, What Didn’t Happen, and What This Means for Humanity

The most significant thing that happened was this: the major spokespeople for the Democratic Party – Bernie Sanders, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden as the nominee – to a certain degree rang the alarm on the situation we face with Trump.