Police murder after murder after murder…
To YOU who are sick and tired of the madness, and ready to be part of a movement for an ACTUAL REVOLUTION

The brutal murder of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis which had all the makings of deliberate modern-day lynching and street execution has outraged the whole world. Protests and rioting erupted in many cities in the US. The sentiments of the masses of people in the US streets rising up in bitter anger and demanding justice echo across the world. The following words by Bob Avakian sharply express the truth and the essential lesson of this situation.

Communiqué #6 from the Revcoms:

Police murder after murder after murder…

To YOU who are sick and tired of the madness, and ready to be part of a movement for an ACTUAL REVOLUTION

May 28, 2020 | revcom.us

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“I can not breathe… Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill. I can’t breathe.” The last words of George Floyd as he continually gasped for air, while he was pinned face down in the street with the knee of a Minneapolis PIG thrust into his neck, choking out his life. All this went on for at least 8 minutes. On video.

After almost six years since Eric Garner was choked to death. After all the blood and tears that have been shed. After all the investigations and non-investigations and cover-ups. After all the prayers and promises. None of this has ended or even slowed down. It has gotten worse and become more unapologetic as Trump and his regime lead a fascist movement of open white supremacy.

And none of this will finally be ended until we end this system through revolution – nothing less.

Why? Because, as Bob Avakian, the most important political thinker and leader today, has said:

All this brutality and terror is built into this system in this country, and this system could not exist without it. As long as this system is in power and in effect, all this will go on… and on… and on.

But we can very well exist without this system. In fact, we can live in a radically different and much better world once this system has been swept away through the mass revolutionary action of the masses of people who are constantly subjected to, and all those who refuse to accept, the very real horrors continually perpetrated by this system, here and all over the world.

There IS hope for a better world, but not without struggle.

The sparks of protest and revolt against the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, with different nationalities standing together, are beautiful, righteous and need to spread and become more powerful. Instead of more videos of horrified people gathered to witness another police murder or violate people, there should be videos coming out of people working together to STOP the police from carrying out this criminal, murderous, illegal, and illegitimate terror.

If you’re sick of watching video after video of these murders by police, if you’re tired of praying on your knees for change that never comes, if you’re ready to step onto the difficult but real road of making a revolution that actually can get humanity free of this system. If that is you  you need to become an active and conscious follower of Bob Avakian (BA) and join with a movement for an actual revolution, to prepare for a time when it will be possible to lead millions to bring this system down, and replace it with a new society based on the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America authored by BA.

As BA puts it, straight up:

in fundamental terms, we have two choices: either, live with all this—and condemn future generations to the same, or worse, if they have a future at all—or, make revolution!

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