Monthly Archives: June 2017

– Burned to death for the crime of being poor or minority in capitalist Britain

19 June 2017. A World to Win News Service. Their names read like a roll call from some United Nations register – Mohammed, Khadija, Sheila, Felix, Marco, Antonio…. They were of all ages and came from dozens of countries and spoke as many languages. But at least 79 of them, and perhaps more – outcasts, poor, refugees from other countries or in their own land – all suffered the same fate, burned alive or plunging to their death in an inferno with a single source: a murderous capitalist system based on profit and not human needs.

– The British elections leave an unsteady ship lurching rightwards in turbulent waters

16 June 2017. A World to Win News Service. By Robert Borba. The national elections held in the United Kingdom on 8 June came at a critical time in the world and the country, with little consensus among the ruling class about how to handle the increasingly acute contradictions that are shaking up the existing world order – from Brexit, with Britain to leave the European Union, to the establishment of the fascist Trump regime in the US, the sweeping away of the traditional governing parties in France in the recent Presidential elections there, and more.