Monthly Archives: May 2017

– Brussels: “Trump not welcome!”
– G7 to refugees: please drown out of sight

30 May 2017. A World to Win News Service. Donald Trump’s arrival in Brussels was met by a spirited protest of about 10,000 people from cities in Belgium, neighbouring France and Germany, and other countries. A broad spectrum of political organizations, NGOs, student groups and individuals marched through the city centre behind a large banner reading “Trump Not Welcome”.

– France: Why Macron’s victory over Le Pen deserves no cheers

15 May 2017. A World to Win News Service. Emmanuel Macron, who beat the fascist Marine Le Pen in the final round of the French elections, was the consensus candidate around whom most of the French capitalist ruling class and its political representatives rallied. But that doesn’t change the fact that the man who won by a two-to-one margin represents a deeply unpopular programme opposed even by most of those who voted for him because he was the “least worst” candidate.

– Four points on the French presidential elections
– Australia: A war on refugees

8 May 2017. A World to Win News Service. The final round of presidential elections in France took place on 7 May. Emmanuel Macron won by a two-to-one margin against the fascist candidate Marine Le Pen. A World To Win News Service will be reporting on this.