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– France: Will the Republic stand – and what is the Republic?
– In memory of AjithSurendra Valentine Rupasinghe (Comrade Surendra)

27 April 2017. A World to Win News Service. Whether the fascist Marine Le Pen wins or loses in the second round of the French presidential elections on 7 May, the first round produced a profound upheaval in the country’s political landscape.

27 April 2017. A World to Win News Service.It is with great sadness that A World to Win News Service learned of the recent death of AjithRupasinghe, generally known as comrade Surendra, a revolutionary communist leader from Sri Lanka.

– US airstrikes on Syria: Hypocrisy and murder
– Spanish lifeguards: When saving lives becomes an illegal political act

7 April 2017. A World to Win News Service. US President Trump’s cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase can only ratchet up the horrors being inflicted on the Syrian people by multiple rival enemies. It is part of a stepped-up US-led intervention in Syria and Iraq that has already killed about 3,000 civilians, according to Further, it threatens wider wars in the region and the whole world.