Murderous Global Heat Waves Ravage the Planet…Without Revolution, the Capitalist Death Grip Will Bake Us Alive

The Environmental Writing Group

From Central America to the Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa… from India to the Middle East, and the U.S. to Mexico… much of the planet is in the grip of deadly heat waves. These global heat waves have already killed thousands of people this year—including over 1,300 in Saudi Arabia as part of the Hajj, or Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. In India, a months-long heat wave has killed over 100 people, afflicted over 40,000 others with heatstroke, and is fueling dangerous water shortages.

The Supreme Court Leaps Toward Fascism

On July 1, the Supreme Court made a decision as far-reaching as it was outrageous. They ruled that the indictment of Donald Trump for leading the January 6 attempt at a coup d’etat—that is, a violent takeover of the government—would have to be “re-examined.” But the logic and rules laid down in their 6-3 vote would almost certainly lead to large and decisive parts of the indictment—and perhaps the whole thing—being thrown out and in any case being delayed past the election.

“The Debate”… the Rot at the Heart of the Empire… and the Revolution We Urgently Need

The debate that went down last week between Biden and Trump showed the rot at the heart—and at the head—of this system. The mad-dog fascist Trump blamed every single problem of this system on one of its most oppressed and persecuted groups: the immigrants who have been forced to risk life and limb to come to this country.

Interview with Dr. Majed Jaber at the European Gaza Hospital: “‘Medical Aid?’ We Haven’t Received Any… Children are Dying”

The following is the transcript of an interview and The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show correspondent Alan Goodman did on June 22 with Dr. Majed Jaber, a Palestinian physician working at the European Gaza Hospital in southern Gaza. The interview took place as Dr. Jaber was working a 24-hour shift at the hospital under unimaginably difficult conditions, including that during the interview, Israeli rockets landing nearby shook the hospital. Watch the interview here.

UN Report Documents Israeli War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

In a detailed set of reports released on June 12, a United Nations commission has documented and called out Israel and its military for major war crimes and crimes against humanity. The main Report summarizes an investigation that began on October 7, 2023, the day of the Hamas attack against Israel. (Two additional reports—on Hamas and on Israel—go much more fully into the evidence supporting the summary Report’s conclusions.)

Two Israeli Massacres in Nuseirat in Three Days—100s Dead, 100s More Injured“We Stand with Israel” = We Stand for Genocide

By Alan Goodman

On the night of June 6, some six thousand Palestinian refugees—many of them children—were sleeping in classrooms of a UN school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza. Many had fled from Nuseirat to Rafah in May, driven by Israeli threats and bombs to what Israel claimed was a safe place. Then, as Israeli tanks, bombs, and threats drove a million people back out of Rafah, people sought shelter in the wreckage of the places they had been driven out of earlier, including Nuseirat.

Israeli Terror, Death, and Ethnic Cleansing Intensify in Gaza and the West Bank

At least 36,801 people have been killed and 83,680 wounded in Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza since October 7. An estimated 10,000 more dead lie beneath the rubble of Israeli bombs. During these past eight months, people in Gaza have been driven from their homes, seeking but not finding shelter. A million people were driven into Rafah, on the very southern edge of Gaza. Now Rafah is being bombed and overrun by Israeli tanks and troops. And people have been driven back north, to Gaza City, to Nuseirat in central Gaza, and other places. But there is no safety anywhere.

Pogroms—Orgies of Violence Once Directed Against Jews in Europe—Are Now Carried Out by Israeli Settlers and Military Throughout the West Bank

Israel seized on the Hamas raid of October 7 to inflict crushing death and destruction on the Palestinian people in Gaza. Along with that there has been an ever intensifying reign of Israeli terror against Palestinian people in the West Bank region (so named because it is west of the Jordan River).

Sparks from Columbia Spread to Campuses in the U.S. … and the World

As word spread on Thursday, April 18, of the police/university attack on Columbia protesters, students from at least 13 colleges and universities around the U.S. and the world responded with outrage and inspiration. Hundreds of students at Yale University in New Haven marched; when warned by university officials to disperse they ignored them, forming a solidarity encampment outside the Board of Trustees meeting. Students at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill also rallied and set up a solidarity encampment in defiance of threats from administrators. 

This Week in Gaza: A Surge of Lies While Palestinians in Gaza Continue to Die

Six months into Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza, as of April 12, Israel has killed 33,634 people, with uncounted more buried in rubble from U.S.-supplied bombs and missiles. More than 500 people, overwhelmingly civilians, were murdered last week alone.

Escalation of Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing, Heightening Danger of a Larger War: Israel Assassinates International Aid Workers in Gaza, Bombs Iranian Consulate in Syria

Between them, two events this past week escalated Israel’s genocidal slaughter in Gaza, and escalated the danger of a major war breaking out in the Middle East with unpredictable but potentially disastrous consequences for the region, and humanity as a whole.

From the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners Now (IEC)

From Behind Iran’s Prison Walls—Taking Political Responsibility, Leading Resistance 

According to reports from human rights groups, Iran’s theocrats have executed at least 834 to 853 people in 2023, deemed to be the highest number of official executions per capita in the world. At least eight protesters from the historic 2022 Women, Life, Freedom uprising were among those executed by hanging, with at least seven more sentenced to death. Amnesty International April 4, 2024 reports at least 95 recorded executions so far this year. Their report notes that the “…surge in executions … saw Iran’s prisons transformed into sites of mass killings in 2023…”

Malcolm X and By Any Means Necessary

Letter from a Reader

In the 1960s, the Black revolutionary leader Malcolm X raised the slogan “By Any Means Necessary” as a call for the fight for the liberation of Black people in this country. Recently, in the protests in support of the Palestinian struggle and against the genocidal attacks on Gaza, some people are raising the slogan “resistance by any means necessary.” Many of those doing this are upholding any and all of the forms of resistance to Zionist occupation and oppression of Palestinians as justified, including hailing and cheering what Hamas forces did against Israel on October 7.

Israel Makes It Impossible for Women to Give Birth: If That’s Not Genocide, What IS?

Imagine you are a woman giving birth to a child in Gaza today under siege from Israeli bombs and tanks. On any given day, more than 180 women in Gaza face that life-threatening danger. You have gone through months of pregnancy without access to enough food, water, medical care, or shelter to be fit to give birth to a healthy child and yourself survive. Maybe you managed to evade bombs and Israeli snipers to get into a hospital. Maybe not. Maybe you needed a cesarian section delivery; if you did, there is a good chance it had to be done without anesthesia or even electricity.