Escalation of Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing, Heightening Danger of a Larger War: Israel Assassinates International Aid Workers in Gaza, Bombs Iranian Consulate in Syria

Between them, two events this past week escalated Israel’s genocidal slaughter in Gaza, and escalated the danger of a major war breaking out in the Middle East with unpredictable but potentially disastrous consequences for the region, and humanity as a whole.

From the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners Now (IEC)

From Behind Iran’s Prison Walls—Taking Political Responsibility, Leading Resistance 

According to reports from human rights groups, Iran’s theocrats have executed at least 834 to 853 people in 2023, deemed to be the highest number of official executions per capita in the world. At least eight protesters from the historic 2022 Women, Life, Freedom uprising were among those executed by hanging, with at least seven more sentenced to death. Amnesty International April 4, 2024 reports at least 95 recorded executions so far this year. Their report notes that the “…surge in executions … saw Iran’s prisons transformed into sites of mass killings in 2023…”

Malcolm X and By Any Means Necessary

Letter from a Reader

In the 1960s, the Black revolutionary leader Malcolm X raised the slogan “By Any Means Necessary” as a call for the fight for the liberation of Black people in this country. Recently, in the protests in support of the Palestinian struggle and against the genocidal attacks on Gaza, some people are raising the slogan “resistance by any means necessary.” Many of those doing this are upholding any and all of the forms of resistance to Zionist occupation and oppression of Palestinians as justified, including hailing and cheering what Hamas forces did against Israel on October 7.

Israel Makes It Impossible for Women to Give Birth: If That’s Not Genocide, What IS?

Imagine you are a woman giving birth to a child in Gaza today under siege from Israeli bombs and tanks. On any given day, more than 180 women in Gaza face that life-threatening danger. You have gone through months of pregnancy without access to enough food, water, medical care, or shelter to be fit to give birth to a healthy child and yourself survive. Maybe you managed to evade bombs and Israeli snipers to get into a hospital. Maybe not. Maybe you needed a cesarian section delivery; if you did, there is a good chance it had to be done without anesthesia or even electricity.

“…those of you who are not afraid of the truth…”
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If you don’t understand why we need a revolution, and how that revolution could be possible…

If you have thought about revolution but you say: “this could never really happen—we could never win”…

If you get stung—or nod your head—when you hear that the USA has never been a “great country”…

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From the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners (IEC)

Resistance Widens and Deepens as Iran’s Theocrats Execute More Political Prisoners

On January 25, the entire women’s ward of Evin Prison in Tehran went on a one-day hunger strike in response to the execution of two political prisoners. This was a spark which inspired many others in and outside of Iran’s prison and worldwide to join the symbolic strike.

U.S. Postures as Defender of Civilians, Calling for “Restraint”. . .

While It Fully Backs, Arms and Funds Israel’s Escalating Genocide of Palestinians

The nearly three-month slaughter in Gaza was already unbearable, but in these last two weeks Israel has expanded and intensified its barbaric, murderous war, taking it to a whole new, even more openly genocidal level.

From Atash/Fire, journal of the Communist Party of Iran, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist

On the Importance of Truth to Achieving Emancipation: A Letter to Narges Mohammadi from Somayeh Kargar

Editors’ note: Somayeh Kargar is a former political prisoner in Iran. She was arrested in October 2020 and released in 2021. Among her five codefendants were Mehran Raouf and Nahid Taghavi who are still unjustly held in Tehran’s Evin prison. She was charged with establishing and running the Osyan Women’s Collective and acting for the Communist Party of Iran (MLM). Narges Mohammadi is a long-time fighter against the reactionary Islamic regime of Iran and currently a political prisoner. This letter is posted in Farsi in Atash/Fire journal #146, January 2024 issue at It was translated to English by International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners Now (IEC) volunteers. Translators’ minor notations/edits for clarification are in brackets.

U.S. Covers for and Defends Israel’s Mass Murder of Civilians

The U.S. is fully backing, funding and supporting Israel’s genocidal slaughter against the Palestinian people in Gaza. Almost 18,000 Palestinians have been officially counted as dead and 7,000 reported missing, many if not most buried under rubble from Israeli bombing.

What the “Pause” in the Fighting in Gaza Has Not Paused: The Ongoing U.S.-Backed Palestinian Genocide by Israel

On Friday, November 24, Israel “paused” its genocidal onslaught against the Palestinian people in Gaza (even as its vicious “ethnic cleansing” in the West Bank intensified. As we go to press, this “pause” is holding, with Israel agreeing to observe the truce so long as ten hostages a day are being released by Hamas. This “pause” does not change the fact that the Israeli government has vowed to totally destroy Hamas, the ruling political organization in Gaza. Nor does it change the fact that the Prime Minister of the Israeli government, Benjamin “Netan-Nazi” Netanyahu, has called on Israel to emulate the Biblical figure Saul’s near total genocide against the people of Amalek, or that the defense minister has called every Palestinian an “animal” and said they should be treated like animals (that is, presumably slaughtered). 

From the Revcoms (Revolutionary Communists)

U.S. And Israel: Hands Off the Palestinian People!

Israel: STOP the Genocidal State of Siege and War Against 2 Million Palestinians Trapped in Gaza! U.S. Imperialism STOP Your Bloody Arming of Israel!

Hamas Is Not a Force for Liberation—The Palestinian People Need a Real Revolution!

The People of the World Need REAL Revolution and a Whole New Emancipating Way to Live!

War Crimes and the Selective “Outrage” of America… and Americans…

News reports are that Hamas has seized 150 Israelis and is holding them hostage. Attacking noncombatant civilians, killing them, or seizing them and threatening to kill them, is criminal and an expression of the reactionary nature of Hamas. These news reports, and the expressions of indignation by the rulers of the U.S. and their media mouthpieces are aimed at programming Americans to be fixated on outrage at 150 hostages and blind to the exponentially greater outrage that Israel has taken ALL OF GAZA HOSTAGE. Right now, over 2 million people, overwhelmingly non-combatants, are being held hostage by Israel which has imposed a complete siege of Gaza, cutting off electricity, food, fuel and water, THREATENING TO STARVE EVERYONE IN GAZA TO DEATH! Denying children, elderly people, babies! food, water, and electricity essential to keeping hospitals operating.

Behind the Israel-Gaza Clash:

On the morning of October 7, armed forces of the Hamas organization, the Islamic fundamentalists who govern the Palestinian region of Gaza, launched a surprise, multi-pronged land, missile, and hang-glider attack against Israel.1 There are reports that between two and three thousand missiles were launched from Gaza at Israel, some breaching Israel’s “iron dome” anti-missile systems. Hamas says it captured Israeli troops, and news reports show destroyed or captured Israeli military vehicles. And as we post this, there are reports that after more than 24 hours, fighting continues inside Israel near the border with Gaza, and that the Hamas forces are holding Israeli hostages, military and non-military.

The War in the Middle East, the Real Threat of Global Catastrophe, and the URGENT Need to Prepare for REVOLUTION
Three Points

At its heart, the current war between Israel and Palestinian Gaza is ultimately “provoked” by Israel’s utterly unjust takeover of Palestine, the exile of most of its people, and Israel’s oppressive rule over the millions of Palestinian people who remained there. As the article “Behind the Israel Gaza Clash: ‘Indiscriminate Violence and Terrorism’—PERPETRATED BY ISRAEL AND ITS BACKER, U.S. CAPITALISM-IMPERIALISM” makes clear, when it comes to the “indiscriminate violence” that the U.S. today so loudly and hypocritically condemns, nobody holds a candle to either America or its loyal ally Israel.